At Sprocket Communications, our expertise runs the gamut—but we specialize in two distinct specialties: Public Relations and Social Media. Our experience working with everything from scrappy start-ups to behemoth companies has armed us with the tools to be nimble, inventive, savvy and resourceful. We know the market, both in Colorado and beyond, and are always looking to find what makes target demographics tick. Our campaigns are tailored to your needs in content and strategy to provide you with the things you need — and nothing you don’t want.

Sprocket Communications

Strategic. Creative. Effective.


A sprocket is a device that connects moving parts to create action, momentum and energy. So too is Sprocket Communications. Driven by our interests and experiences, and a love of growing brands looking to expand in profit and brand awareness, we connect people and ideas to create unique voices for our clients. We’re a multi-service boutique agency with experience in consumer and B2B marketing / public relations campaigns for Denver restaurants, entrepreneurs and more. We’re at home with people who think like us — idea makers and dreamers at heart, with zeal for the industry and a strength of purpose when it comes to success.

We’re kind of like matchmakers. Who does a brand want to talk to? Where do they find them? Where should the brand and the consumer go together? Based on these, and other questions, we use our expertise to talk to the world. It might be an intimate conversation. It might be a greeting card or an email. It might be a message delivered by bullhorn. You never know, but rest assured, our public relations tactics are spot-on. We love what we do. We have fun doing it. And we use that energy to connect brands in the best way possible.

  • "The Sprocket team takes a thoughtful approach to Larkburger's PR and Social Media. As a growing company, they help identify and land media opportunities that support our business goals and move the needle."Adam Baker, President of Larkburger

  • "We were so lucky to find Sprocket Communications. They have been an invaluable asset to our growing program. Their team is full of bright and creative minds that comfortably think outside the box. They quickly understood our unique program's needs and created an innovative strategy. Their efforts drove our visibility to shockingly new heights within difficult demographic. Aubrey, Jeff and the team at Sprocket are a delight to work with."Liz Romer, Executive Director of BC4U

  • "The Sprocket team has one of the most enjoyable and successful approaches to publicity and community relations that I have experienced. Their well-established relationships with media and Denver organizations created a natural and seamless entry into the market with exceptional results. We will always use Sprocket as our marketing partners in the Denver market!"Anita Walker, VP of Marketing, Fox Restaurant Concepts

  • "The Forest City Stapleton Marketing team has been thoroughly impressed by the savvy expertise of the ladies of Sprocket PR. Within less than a year, their dynamic crew successfully secured nearly $80K worth of media coverage for the Stapleton redevelopment. Ranging from the Denver Post to the Denver Business Journal to the New York Times and many others, the widespread press garnered growing interest in Stapleton's past, present and future. Sprocket is staffed with invaluable talent -- making them my preferred PR team above all others. They are the epitome of a true agency partner."Tasha Jones, Director of Marketing, Forest City Stapleton

  • "It’s evident that Sprocket lives and breathes social media, and their enthusiasm and knowledge are beyond appreciated. They've helped create a unique community among our members outside of the physical studio that we know helps our ROI."Wendy Skaalerud, Owner of Orangetheory Fitness.

  • "Sprocket Communication has been awesome in getting exactly what we needed for PR. We enjoy working with the very knowledgeable and helpful team; they’ve made the interviews less stressful. I was very happy to hear that Sprocket is not just looking at short term coverage, but has a long-term plan on how to grow Infinite Harvest's PR presence and coverage. We are in good hands."Tommy Romano, Founder, Infinite Harvest