Case Study: TRELORA

Services: Public Relations
Industry: Real Estate

Traditionally, realtors have made their incomes by taking a percentage of the price of the homes they buy or sell. TRELORA is different: its team takes the same flat fee of any house bought or sold, saving the buyer and seller tens of thousands of dollars per sale. Sprocket leveraged that differentiator to sell the concept to Denver-area consumers, with great results.


TRELORA is a Denver-based startup that is disrupting the real estate industry by providing a fixed-fee for helping its clients buy and sell a home, a complete departure from typical commission-based transactions. As a newcomer to the industry ready to harness Denver’s record-breaking real estate market, TRELORA retained Sprocket to help secure press coverage and manage ongoing social media support. This case study outlines one initiative that raised TRELORA’s brand awareness within the Denver Metro market through a PR stunt.


Sprocket helped execute TRELORA’s “Pig It Forward” campaign, which ultimately paid one month’s mortgage payment for five local households. The campaign was executed over a series of days.

  1. First, hundreds of wooden cutouts of pigs painted lime green were erected throughout Denver.
  1. After a few days of mystery and lots of chatter on social media as to the pig’s origins, Sprocket sent all local media limited background information along with the opportunity to interview the company behind the campaign.
  1. Sprocket secured exclusive coverage first in the top outlets most pertinent to TRELORA’s audiences – Denver Post and 9News. After the stories ran in these two outlets on the same morning, Sprocket granted subsequent interviews with other media.
  1. Simultaneously, the pigs were spraypainted with TRELORA messaging and a URL to their Pig It Forward landing page.

The Pig It Forward campaign generated substantial press coverage both in Denver and regional markets including Grand Junction, Kansas City and Portland.