Case Study: FIT36

Client: FIT36
Services: Public Relations
Industry: Health & Wellness

Colorado-based fitness concept FIT36 has franchised studios around the country, and over the next few years was preparing for a high number of studio launches. The brand enlisted Sprocket to execute PR outreach for the studio opening in Cupertino, California, and soon after, Sprocket was working on other studio openings, too, including Norfolk, Denver, Folsom, Lincoln Park, and more.


The market for fitness concepts is crowded, and Sprocket was tasked with setting FIT36 apart from the crowd. That was especially challenging because some of FIT36’s markets don’t have very many media outlets. That meant Sprocket had to evaluate each media market individually to decide whether traditional media outreach, influencer and community outreach, or both were appropriate.


The process was similar for each opening: Sprocket created a PR Blueprint and press release for each studio, touting the brand’s differentiators and details about the local studio and its owner. But the approach varied in each market. In Cupertino, for example, Sprocket found success connecting with influencers who came into the studio to test-drive the workout. They, in turn, posted on their social media channels and blogs. In Norfolk, local media were interested in the concept and business model, so Sprocket proactively pitched the news of the opening and organized interviews with the studio owner and local reporters. Each new market meant exploring which tactic would be most effective.


In each market, Sprocket’s efforts garnered news hits and engagement with influencers that ultimately led to an uptick in sales. FIT36 Denver was spotlighted in Crain’s Denver, Westword and Denver Life; the Norfolk studio was covered in Southside Daily and Inside Business; and Cupertino was touted in Mercury News and among influencers. In total, Sprocket’s outreach garnered coverage that resulted in more than 177 shares on social media and reached an estimated total of 37,000 readers.