Case Study: BC4U

Client: BC4U
Services: Social Media
Industry: Health & Wellness
Website: www.bc4u.org 

BC4U, a clinic offering free and confidential birth control and family planning services, brought Sprocket on board to promote the clinic to its primary demographic: teens. Sprocket focused on social media, where teens spend most of their time. The results? Teens reaching out via social media to make appointments for birth control consultations. Ultimately, BC4U’s efforts helped drastically reduce the rate of teen pregnancy in the state of Colorado.


BC4U is a Denver-based clinic that offers completely free and confidential birth control and family-planning services for young men and women ages 12 and 25. In 2012, Sprocket Communications was brought on board to build awareness about BC4U among the clinic’s target demographic—young men and women between 14 and 19—and to help drive appointments via social media.


When Sprocket started work with BC4U, the agency conducted a focus group of about two dozen young girls fitting the BC4U demo, and asked questions related to media consumption, trends and influencers. From this informational session, it became apparent that reaching this group through traditional media would be ineffective, which confirmed what Sprocket had predicted. Sprocket worked with the BC4U team to develop a social media plan and ongoing content that engages these groups where they are most active: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The Sprocket team creates content around specific content pillars: education (sharing content that educates followers about various types of birth control); advocacy and sharing support for like-minded organizations; and content related to female empowerment and other progressive causes.
On Twitter, a significant portion of time is spent engaging with followers and locating users in the BC4U demographic within a relatively close distance of the clinic. The Sprocket team engaged with those young people on Twitter, often late into the night, when they were most active online, about all kinds of topics—not just reproductive health and birth control, but also Miley Cyrus or the latest viral phenomenon.


Sprocket built BC4U’s social media audience to more than 2,100 Facebook likes, 800+ Twitter followers, and more than 1,100 Instagram followers. BC4U received more than 100 direct messages and several hundred mentions through Twitter, and Sprocket has been able to track social media conversations—including those late-night Twitter exchanges—and a substantial number of clicks to its “make an appointment” functionality.

That social media success has played a part in the success of the program overall. From 2009-2014, the birthrate among teenagers in Colorado sharply declined; births fell by 40 percent, and abortions by 42 percent. The BC4U program has had a hand in that dip in teen births in the state, setting an example for the rest of the country.