The queen herself. All photos from @fentybeauty’s Instagram.

Y’all know we cheer for any woman who takes the plunge into entrepreneurship—it’s an incredible and scary jump to make. Pair that with creating a brand that represents women (and men!) of all colors and shapes, and you know we’re fangirling.

In this month’s installment of Women Owned Wednesday, we bring you none other than the makeup company by Barbadian KWEEN Rihanna: Fenty Beauty.

As the story goes, Rihanna, after years of experimenting with the best makeup on the market, continued to see a gap, especially for women of color; specifically, the number of foundation shades available for women of color was underwhelming, forcing women of color to resort to blending multiple foundations to create their own match.

So Rihanna launched her own line, which included 40—FORTY!—foundation shades. Many products promptly sold out.

Since the launch nearly a year ago, Fenty has consistently killed it on social media. The brand expertly uses influencers to demo its products, do Insta Story takeovers, and preview products before they’re available for sale.

And the brand’s social media and marketing efforts reflect the diversity that Rihanna wasn’t seeing in the makeup industry (and beyond), using women of color prominently in its marketing campaigns. Fenty also partners with nonbinary folks to demo makeup looks—proving once again that the brand is about representing people of all stripes.

Women entrepreneurs supporting women of color and representing traditionally underrepresented groups? HELL YES.