It’s still 2018. It’s still the Year of the Woman. And we’re still shouting out our favorite women-owned companies with Women-Owned Wednesday.

This month, we’re highlighting one of our favorite women-owned footwear companies, Brother Vellies. The products themselves are drool-worthy (we’ve been hankering for the red calf utility boot for a minute now) but what’s even better is the social mission behind the brand.

Founder and Creative Director Aurora James creates amazing footwear; one of her goals in founding the brand was to introduce her favorite traditional African footwear to a wider audience. The brand employs artisans and craftspeople in South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya and Morocco, keeping the artisan work in the hands of traditional artisans.

Brother Vellies also has a focus on sustainability, including using leather scraps that most brands would discard, using environmentally friendly dyes, and focusing on ‘slow’ fashion—the opposite of H&M’s seasonal synthetic clothes made to be work and thrown away after the season. Read more about Brother Vellies’ sustainability efforts on the brand’s website.

And Brother Vellies is a great example of a brand who are doing good in its communities and openly supporting the causes it cares about. (Yes, that matters!) The brand created a limited-edition series of products that benefits Planned Parenthood. You know that’s something we can get behind!

Finally, the brand’s social media is on point. The BV feed is full of beautiful shoes (duh!) and gorgeous lifestyle and vacation shots galore—all the more swoon-worthy for us to scroll through on a snowy winter day.


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