This month, we’ve talked a lot about PR campaign objectives and how to set and measure them. They’re a crucial piece of public relations pie, and will help provide the strategic framework that ultimately helps you or your client reach goals. So we’ve compiled a few tips to keep in mind as you’re outlining PR campaign objectives.

  • Be specific. Achieving some objectives will be fairly straightforward. Others will not be so easy. That’s why specificity is important when you’re identifying the goals that your objectives will ladder up to. Specificity is more measurable, and it’s what makes objectives objectives instead of goals. Being specific will give you a clearer path to achieving your goal.
  • Be SMART. We didn’t invent this, but there’s an acronym which can help identify the right objectives: SMART.
    • Specific: This is our biggest rec, which is why we talked about it at greater length above. Always set specific objectives.
    • Measurable: It’s a given that an objective should be measurable. Do you have sales or web traffic numbers that you want to beat? Being able to compare to the old numbers is crucial. 
    • Agreed-upon: It’s important to get the buy-in of the stakeholders (client, brand team, etc.). They’re on the ground every day, so they’ll have the best sense of what can actually be accomplished. If they say something doesn’t make sense, it’s because they know the brand best.
    • Realistic: It’s important to set goals that, while challenging, are achievable. Setting sky-high standards that are outside the realm of possibility in achieving doesn’t do anybody any good if you don’t meet them.
    • Timed: Put an end date on a goal. That will light a fire under the team responsible for meeting the goal, instead of allowing them to continually push it off to “next month” until it’s fallen off the radar completely.
  • Always include verbs as you outline objectives. For example: “Secure 10 media placements in top-tier outlets within six months”; “increase U.S. web traffic by 10 percent”; or “increase sales conversions by 8 percent”.

Meeting objectives isn’t always easy, but you can’t meet them if you haven’t identified them—it’s as simple as that.


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