Are you guys so tired of hearing us talk about the importance of measurement?

Well—buckle up. We’re ‘bout to do it again. 

You know well how important measurement is to the PR process; we’ve talked about it time and time again. Today, we want to talk about why it’s important to plan for measurement from the moment you start working with a client, rather than furiously collecting data the day the report is due.

First, as always, you want to back into the key metrics you’ll be measuring based on your client’s goals. And though those goals may evolve as your partnership moves along, the best case scenario is to include questions about metrics and goals at your discovery session. Right out of the gate, you’re starting to glean information about what is important to your client and start ruminating on how you can be measuring your work.

Also, discussing measurement at the outset of your partnership (or, ideally, in your initial pitch to the brand, before your partnership even begins) impresses upon the client how important metrics are, and that your agency can be trusted to prioritize measuring outcomes. More and more, clients expect data and measurements from their PR partners—as they should!—so coming to the table with information and case studies about your ability to measure is crucial.

One more note about metrics: your discovery session with the client, as well as the competitive analysis and research you conduct, should give you an idea of what goals are realistic. Of course you want to aim high, but you also don’t want to set yourself up for failure by failing to manage client expectations. Be real with your client about what you can accomplish together.

Then work like hell to accomplish it.