Whether you’re an Instagram Creator or not, you’ve likely noticed the rollout of IGTV. It’s Instagram’s newest feature, allowing users to upload videos up to an hour long. And, IGTV videos are displayed vertically—the way most users naturally use their phones.

Now you can broadcast an entire hour of your brunch on IGTV. Oh, joy.

IGTV is Instagram’s attempt to compete with Youtube, where, up until now, most creators’ longer videos lived. (And Youtube has definitely taken notice: they’re reportedly planning to offer six-figure checks to creators to keep their Youtube channels active.)

The platform will serve users IGTV content from people and brands they follow, plus a mix of content tha’s curated by Instagram based on who a user follows and engages with. For brands, this is a definite perk, as it creates another avenue to be discovered.

Speaking of creators: IGTV allows any user the chance to create longer-form content—not just celebs or mega-influencers.

So how do you access IGTV? Two ways. There is an IGTV app that can be downloaded separately, and it’s wholly dedicated to IGTV, automatically synching with your Insta account to start playing IGTV videos from those you follow.

The second way to access IGTV is by tapping the TV button in your Instagram app (it’s next to your Instagram direct message button in the top right-hand corner of your screen).

So how will Instagram monetize IGTV? Brands can’t advertise on IGTV yet, but it’s extremely likely that users will start seeing ads in the not-too-distant future.

There are still some big question marks around IGTV—when will ads launch? How expensive will they be? What impact, ultimately, will IGTV have on YouTube?—but for now, it offers any Instagram user the chance to start creating. So go ‘head, girl—start recording.


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