The season of outdoor social gatherings and frose is coming to a close, but that means the time for warming beverages is here. Whiskey, cider, smokiness — can we get an amen? (We’re ignoring you, Pumpkin Spice.)

Whatever your autumnal drink of choice is, you’ve got options. If you’re in the mood to DIY it, our clients and friends at Allegro Coffee Roasters made two handy cocktail recipe videos that are perfect for cooler temps (and morning drinking, if you’re into that sort of thing).

  • The Flannel, made with bourbon, iced coffee and maple syrup. They’re great for brunch (and we may have whipped up one of these for ourselves on a blah Wednesday morning).
  • Iced Spiked Chai, featuring chai, rum, half and half, and cinnamon (duh! Cinnamon: the spice of autumn.) Perfect for one of these early fall days where you’re pretending it’s fall but really it’s still straight-up summer temps.

If you’re more interested in having a pro handle your booze, check out these boozy recommendations from the Sprocket team:

  • Citizen Rail’s Plunder Road, complete with a charred grapefruit garnish.
  • The Vaquero at Señor Bear is smoky and strong – great for fall weather.
  • Hearth and Dram’s Wake’n’Bacon cocktail is made with cold brew and a garnished with a piece of bacon.
  • A classic Sazerac. Denver Central Market makes a mean one.

Making The Flannel.

The Wake’n’Bacon (via Hearth and Dram’s Instagram)

What are you fave fall cocktails? Share them in the comments.


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