It’s that time of year again: the time when we all stock up on turkey-friendly wines and brace ourselves for a whole lot of family time in which the pros and cons of Trump et. al will be passionately discussed. (Is that just us? K then.)

But as stressful as Thanksgiving can be, it’s also a really fun time for those of us who like to cook and eat, which is basically our entire Sprocket team. Below, we’ve shared our favorite Thanksgiving recipes—the ones we turn back to every year because they’re a tradition (and because they’re just that good).

“My family always makes this ribbon candy on Thanksgiving. Labor intensive, but super fun!”— Erica Younkin, Social Media Strategist

Cauliflower Gratin! The best. Also Puerto Rican stuffing—which has ground pork in it.” — Megan Heileman, Social Media Strategist

“I make this Tiramisu Recipe every year from Florida’s own PUBLIX!! (The best grocery store in the whole world).”—Nancy Fishgold, PR Strategist

“My family is really big on pie, so I’ve tried many recipes over the years, usually from Smitten Kitchen. Last year was the black bottom oatmeal pie; this year I’m trying the butterscotch pie.” —Kate Miller, Director of Operations

“These scalloped sweet potatoes are always a hit with the Butts family.” —Lauren Butts, Social Media Strategist

“After switching to this all-butter pie crust recipe from Smitten Kitchen I’ll never go back to the old recipe from my Grandma I used for years. Sorry, Grams.” — Lauren Nuhn, Social Media Strategist