It’s the end of January, and for some of us, our resolutions have been cast aside and replaced with cheeseburgers. But for those whose goal was to travel more this year, there’s still plenty of time! We asked our team where they’re heading in 2018.

Paris is a big destination for Sprocketeers in 2018.

BTW, if you’re in need of inspo, check the New York Times’ 52 Places to Go in 2018. (PS: New Orleans is the number 1 destination, and at least a few of our team members would agree with that.)

“Paris!” — Lauren Cook, Social Media Strategist

“PARIS, PARIS, PARIS.” — Robin Zimmerman, PR Strategist

“Fort Meyers, Lake Tahoe, Austin and Nashville.” — Courtney Lis, PR Strategist

“Heading to Charleston, SC for the Charleston Wine & Food Festival in March!”  — Mindy Valone, PR Strategist

“I am headed to Costa Rica for spring break!” — Emily Port, PR Strategist

“More like resolutions—no definite trips booked, but: Spain, Croatia, Sweden, Seattle + Portland (fingers crossed Phish plays The Gorge!), NYC.” — Megan Heileman, Social Media Strategist  

“The only thing on our books right now is Portland/PNW in March. And really trying to get to Peru in October.” —Lauren Nuhn, Social Media Strategist

“NEW ORLEANS.” — Sam Alviani, PR Strategist

“Hopefully Belize, London, Iceland and Ireland!” —Trish Bennett, PR Strategist

“We are (hoping!) to head to Barelona to visit my brother in law… fingers crossed it comes to fruition! We’ll also be in Milwaukee and San Diego in the fall/winter.” — Jamie Winter, PR Strategist

“Spring Break 2018 in South Padre Island! Just kidding… San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. — Aubrey Gordon, Sprocket President

“Island-hopping around Greece for me!” — Erica Younkin, Social Media Strategist

“NOLA 2018.” —Lauren Butts, Social Media Strategist

“NOLA; Mississippi Delta Blues Trail road trip; Morocco culinary adventure.” — Danielle Davis, PR Strategist

“I’ve got New Orleans, the Netherlands, and Haiti on the calendar.” Kate Miller, Director of Operations


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