Did you hear? Self care is IN right now. And when we asked our team what their favorite self care practices were, they had a whole lot to say. Though most of us interpreted the question as ways we incorporate health into our self care routines, there’s the occasional splurge, too.

Where we wanna be practicing #selfcare RN.

Without further ado, check out the ways our team takes care of themselves—and maybe get some inspo along the way. (PS: Collagen is a realll big one.)

“Ashwaghanda root, reishi, krill oil, and COLL-A-GEN babee. Essential oil diffuser at night. Daily cake at midday. Oil walks.” —Sam Alviani, PR Strategist

“Collagen powder in my tea. Rose, camphor and hyssop in my baths. Hex candles in my veins. Lagree in (or for) my butt/thighs.” —Lauren Butts, Social Media Strategist

“Collagen powder in my morning glass of water. Long walk every Sunday morning with my matcha latte and dog. Keeping my plant watering on a schedule so it’s become a twice weekly ritual. Daily vitamins. Reading at least 2 hours a day. Daily gratitude list. Lavender baths in the middle of the afternoon, because I can.” —Lauren Nuhn, Social Media Strategist

“Wheatgrass in my smoothie, rosehip oil on my face and lash boost on eyelashes.”—Courtney Lis, PR Strategist

“Hot Mamas hip hop/dance fitness classes (without disclosing the fact that I’m not a mom to avoid scrutiny…) .”—Danielle Davis, PR Strategist

“Floating otherwise known as ‘sensory deprivation float therapy’ at Samana Float Center in RiNo. I’m officially an addict and would highly recommend giving it a shot. I go once a week to get my mind right and relax. Also, tbh, the high-grade cannabis available here in CO helps keep me sane, too. ;)” —Zach Reichard, Social Media Strategist

“Lavender baths. Calm App for Daily Meditation. Climbing and Spinning. Utilizing my ski share in Breckenridge as frequently as possible. Diving into my Discover Weekly on Spotify to craft a new weekly playlist or add to my monthly playlist. Cooking for myself or others 3-4 week. Morning smoothie bowls with chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seed, collagen, maca, coconut shavings. Keeping a consistent Dream + Gratitude Journal. Walks in Cheesman Park with Rey.” —Megan Heileman, Social Media Strategist

“Wearing athleisure unapologetically. Saying ‘no’. So much collagen. Pearl Street Fitness.” —Aubrey Gordon, President

“I like naps. I also like Wash Park walks.” — Robin Zimmerman, PR Strategist

“Orangetheory. Cuddling with my pup. Sephora face masks. And a treat Yo self day at Hand & Stone every few months. Oh, also a white noise sound machine at night. I kid you not it’s the best – way better sleep.” —Nancy Fishgold, PR Strategist

“All the herbs and supplements listed above. Eating greens by the fistful. Having my boyfriend hide my phone from me to force me to unplug.” —Kate Miller, Director of Operations

“Mine is pretty simple beside really good genetics…Oil of Olay. LOVE LOVE LOVE their products for cheap drug store skincare. I like the Regenerist line. Kickboxing! I would go insane and turn into a crazy person if I did not have some kind of workout. Plus, I just really like to punch and kick shit. LOL. Also, pilates and green tea.” —Mindy Valone, PR Strategist

“Can self care be self indulgence? Because my self care routine involves Uncle ramen and a fat glass of wine.”  — Meg Ruggieri, Social Media Strategist

“Pure Barre – I’ve tried every boutique fitness class out there and I’ve never enjoyed a class so much while seeing such quick changes to my body. It’s my 50 minutes of peace every day. Splurging on skin care. Sleeping on The Slip Silk pillowcase – I used to wake up with horrible knots in my hair. This is also much better for your skin than a regular pillowcase. Canceling plans because I would rather spend time with my cat PUZZLES. I’m addicted. Good for your brain and a great stress reliever. Try making them with a headlamp. It will change your life.” Elle Beaulieu, PR Strategist