You don’t even want to know how often we hear it: “We’ll have our intern cover social media. She’s a millennial, so she gets it.”

And every single time we hear that, it makes us shudder. Because someone managing her reputation on her own Instagram page does not make her equipped to manage an entire brand’s reputation across social media. Because even if she is excellent at conveying her own personal brand, that doesn’t always translate to conveying a brand’s message and tone across social platforms. And because she has probably not done a ton of social advertising management and strategy for her own personal Facebook page (why would she have?), so she doesn’t have the experience to translate social ads to a brand page.

Here’s the truth of the matter: you must have social media professionals managing your brand’s social media presence. There’s really no other answer for you.

Because the proof is in the Google Analytics. Strategic, thoughtful social media can move mountains.

OK, OK, we exaggerate. But it can, and does, drive sales in a really big way.

When social media is strategic—when engaging content centers around a brand’s core pillars, when the brand is on the channels that are the right fit for their demographic and their product or service, and when the brand listens more than it talks—magic can happen. People start following and becoming engaged with the brand. And people start buying.

It also tends to be a more trackable marketing method because the backend of Google Analytics can report back on the number of clicks from Instagram or FB that go all the way through the buying process. There is so much data to be gleaned from social media and Google Analytics—and data can translate to purchases if you apply it the right way. That’s why having a social media expert working on strategy is crucial—and, really, the only way to do it right.


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