Pro tip: Avoid any Breitbart-related conversation with Uncle Doug, especially when he has turkey knife in hand.

Guys, next week is Thanksgiving. How are we already to nearing the end of 2017? Prepare for uncomfortable conversations with your Trumper uncle next week (and maybe download the Headspace app in case you need a little bit of mental clarity).  

The year is flying, and as it winds down, it’s imperative that we check in with our clients about 2017 hits and misses, plus planning for a huge 2018.

We’ll get to the planning portion before the year is out, but first, it’s so important to show your client the innovative, interesting, purchase-driving campaigns you’ve been working on. Below, some tips:

    • Provide a recap of your 2017 efforts. Breaking down what you’ve done over the past year is an effective way to gently remind your client of the successes you’ve garnered on their behalf. Whether you break out your efforts by quarter or provide a rundown of each major initiative, it’s imperative that you provide a digestible document for your client to review. Highlight your wins, but also include an analysis of missed opportunities. That shows your client that you’re you’re being proactive and are taking a critical look at what works for the client and what doesn’t.
    • Boil it down to numbers. While anecdotes are certainly valuable to share, for most clients, value is ultimately determined by data. How many new customers did PR and social media efforts garner this year? Did online media hits act as a direct referral to the client’s website?
    • Call attention to the long-term effects of the work you’re doing. Has there been a steady uptick in web traffic over the past year that coincides with your PR efforts? Is social media the top referrer to your client’s website?
    • Get a client testimonial. While the mood is high and everyone is feeling good about all of the positive data and upward trending your work has led to this year, make sure to ask your client for a quick testimonial about the great work your team is doing. You can use it for your website, proposals, whatever — make sure you have it on hand.