Let’s talk about something uber sexy for a minute here, guys: productivity.

It’s a fair assumption that most people have a to do list. Whether it takes physical form on paper or lives in someone’s brain, I would venture to guess there’s a constant rotation of ‘tasks to accomplish’. And if I were a bettin’ woman, I’d guess that not only do most people have a to do list, but also a plethora of apps and software programs that keep their lists in-check; a constant stream of dialogue between internal and external teams; not to mention a looming list of ‘deep work’ topics we try to address when we can. These organization and task-forward tools are just one part of our day. We actually have to get shit done! Not to mention some semblance of balance and #selfcare.

Stop the Insanity!

Most in the workforce have so much going on – maybe too much – that we’ve created and glorified the culture of being “busy”. We’re constantly productivity hacking, trying to find shortcuts to cram in even more into our already filled days. For many of us, the satisfaction of crossing something off our list and accomplishing a task is borderline orgasmic. #sorrynotsorry

Let me take this opportunity to raise my hand and say, not only am I a little tired, but this state of constant business / time management / go go GO is TOO MUCH PEOPLE. While I don’t have a solution, I’m asking for a gentle call to arms to chill the F out. Just a little. And actually, that can be to our benefit. Here’s how:

Take one day. (Pre-plan for said day so you’re not anxiety ridden).

Set your out of office.

Wake up without an alarm.

Slowly enjoy your coffee or tea.

Now here is the key: do whatever is going to bring you joy and peace that day.

Here are some ideas:


Go for a hike

See a matinee


Aimlessly wander the aisles of Nordstrom Rack

Sit at a coffee shop and people watch

I realize some people may call this “Sunday” but I promise there’s value in doing this during the week.

I implore you: do not cheat and end your day furiously scrolling through your emails!

End your day on a high note, get a good night’s sleep, and do you know what is going to happen when you wake up tomorrow morning?


While it’s probably not realistic or sustainable to take a day every week, try quarterly. Your brain, your heart and your soul with thank you.


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