PR Campaign Objectives—not the same as KPIs!

Someone recently told me that I tell the same stories over and over. Which was rude but also very true. Y’know how easy it can be to forget who you already told and find yourself halfway through a diatribe about your family’s weird habits or the current political climate and realize that the person has already heard you rant about it? Just me? Okay then.


Stick with me here, because it may seem like we’ve talked about this before, but we haven’t—not exactly. We’ve talked a whole lot about identifying KPIs at the outset of a campaign. Here, we’re going to focus on identifying campaign objectives, why it matters, and how to do it. Which isn’t the same as KPIs.


Objectives are the end result—what you need to achieve.


KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are the metrics you track to help you get there. KPIs could include referral traffic to a website, amount of product sold via the website, number of clicks from social media through to the site. The list goes on.


They’re different, and it’s worth talking about both of them.


So this month, we’ll dive into PR campaign objectives—how to identify them, the questions an agency should be asking to help identify them, tools, tips, and more.


Oh, and thanks for reading this all the way through. I won’t repeat myself this month, swearsies!


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