Happy New Year, dear reader! ‘Tis the season for all that “New year, new me!” talk, and while we realize that resolutions are rarely kept and the tradition of New Years reinvention can even be harmful, the promise of a fresh start can help motivate change.

Photo: Dry Town

In that spirit, we asked our team what they’re working on as we kick off 2018. Here’s what they had to say:

“My resolutions are to worry less and to constantly find new ways to show my loved ones how special they are to me.” —Elle Beaulieu, PR Strategist

“Not very sexy, but I am doing an allergy elimination diet to figure out what foods I need to cut out so my gut isn’t so pissed with me all the time!” —Gina Cannon, PR Strategist

“Read one book a month. Visit two new countries. Drink more water!” — Meg Ruggieri, Social Media Strategist

“Embrace more of a work-life balance. And travel!” Mindy Valone, PR Strategist

“Getting good with saying ‘No’, which is saying ‘Yes’ to something better!” —Erica Younkin, Social Media Strategist

“Finding more ways to actively participate in politics (not just rage-tweeting); reading more books by women of color; and embracing vulnerability.” —Kate Miller, Director of Operations

“Being more focused and deliberate and less rushed in all things in life.” — Courtney Lis, PR Strategist

Here’s to a productive, peaceful 2018.