Measurement! We’re talking about it again because it is. that. important. If you’re the client, you obviously want to see what return you’re getting for the investment you’re making in a PR campaign. And if you’re on the agency side, you want to show that that investment has been worth it. The best way for both sides to get the information they need is to keep track of upticks and downticks, data and numbers.

So how do you adequately measure your PR campaign objectives?

  • Get access to your client’s Google Analytics. This is the number one thing you need to measure how well a campaign is going. Sometimes brands are hesitant to give their PR teams access to all the data that’s available in Google Analytics. Make it clear that you’ll only be looking at the data related to your goals, and that access is crucial to showing the efficacy of your campaign—there’s no more important tool. In Google Analytics, you’ll measure referral traffic and geolocation data, track ecommerce conversions, and more. It’s seriously a data mine.
  • Track quality and quantity. We don’t typically use number of press hits as our highest-priority goal, but it can be a good secondary way to measure an uptick in press coverage since the campaign began. PR pros know that some hits are worth more than others because of their demographics and reach. If the news hit includes a backlink to the brand website, that hit is worth much more (in part because you’ll be able to very accurately see in Google Analytics how many people were driven to your website from the news hit).
  • Ask the sales team to ask the consumer. When the brand’s sales team talks to customers, do they ask—and track—how the customer heard about the brand? That can be a key component of tracking the efficacy of a PR campaign, but many brands don’t do it. Ask your brand to consider asking the question in their initial conversations with consumers.
  • Report on it. It’s crucial that both PR team and the brand are checking in on these metrics each month. At your standing monthly meeting, make sure to always report on the data that ladders up to campaign objectives.


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