When you’re ‘type A in a good way’—a Sprocket rallying cry; we hope other people think it’s in a good and not an annoying way—lists and spreadsheets and processes are your lifeblood. Good processes provide order, a method to the madness, that guides the way the business operates.

But sometimes, getting team members to follow processes is hard. Processes can be onerous—just another hoop to jump through.

So how do we convince our team otherwise? Let us count the ways.

  • Educate employees on the why behind the process. Of course you know that processes aren’t there just to make work more cumbersome, but your employees may feel sometimes like that’s all they really do. Our suggestion? At the next team meeting, review some of the processes that get the least buy-in from your team and take a second to walk through why the process is designed that way.
  • Allow your team to be part of the revision process. If, as you explain the rationale for why a process is the way it is, your employees have some suggestions, listen to them. Employees are often closer to the realities of their work, so when they say a step is unnecessary or that a step is missing, they might be right. Consider developing protocol to allow employees to weigh in on whether company process or policy needs to be updated.
  • Ingrain processes into the company culture early on. For startups planning to scale, there’s no time like the present to build processes—and employee adherence to them—into your company culture. Create mechanisms for employees to be accountable for following processes; adding a note to check in during an employee’s annual review is one method. Of course, if you’re a huge company celebrating decades of operation, your company culture is just a bitttt more well-established. But it’s not too late, especially for new hires. Building the importance of processes into new employee onboarding helps them get started in that mindset.

How do you encourage your team to follow processes?