Unless you decided to take a social media cleanse and/or didn’t leave your house this week, you’re well aware that it snowed in Denver and set October records for the low temperature. Yes, that’s super early. But in a city like Denver, where it’s constantly sunny (and, therefore, always inflicting guilt on residents who opt to stay inside), some of us welcome the gloom. For our team, this cloudy weather is an opportunity to get extra cozy.

So how did our team get cozy? Hint: most of our methods involved flames and squash.

Gina, her son, and her pumpkin/gourd/squash harvest.

“Making the most of my butternut squash harvest through all kinds of goodies…butternut squash lasagna, butternut squash pancakes, roast chicken with butternut squash, butternut squash bread. You get the point.” — Gina Cannon

“Low-and-slow cooking and Practical Magic, doi.” —Sam Alviani

“Mine is lame but I am addicted to candles. They are lit from the first crisp day until summer starts again.” — Katie Bonneau

“I’ve been so obsessed with sipping hot mugs of bone broth from Western Daughters butcher lately.. I swear it’s keeping me so healthy and also…. packed with collagen, duh. Also: bubble baths galore, cozy socks, and SPIKED apple cider + friend gatherings where everyone brings a comfort food dish.” — Emily Loss

“This fall, coziness is allllll the curries, nonstop burning of Hex candles, and rereading Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado.” —Kate Miller