Grandoozy, a music and cultural experience festival from the makers of Bonnaroo and Outside Lands, is coming to Denver from September 14-16. And while Denver is no stranger to tourism, the festival will bring a whole new batch of visitors to the Overland Park neighborhood in southwest Denver.

Smart businesses will leverage the weekend’s influx of tourism for themselves. Here’s how.

Use the right messaging, on the right platform. Festival-goers are going to be mostly millennials and Gen Z-ers, and Denver-area businesses will be smart to meet them where they are: on social media. For this particular event, social media will get you the furthest in terms of number of eyeballs on your content. Hashtagging #Grandoozy is a start, but diving into geotags on Instagram will be helpful too.

Now’s the time for Instagram ads. See above: your target audience for the weekend is on social nonstop. Instagram ads are pretty cheap and make it easy to target the right audience.

Promote Grandoozy specials on social in advance. If you’re creating food and drink specials for Grandoozy weekend, promote them ahead of time.

Offer an incentive. Show your wristband for 10% off. BYGO beers. Whatever you decide works for your bottom line, incentivizing visitors to stop in to your establishment will increase business.

Tell the media. Chances are outlets like Westword will do a roundup of the best food and drink specials and/or Grandoozy-related events taking place the weekend of the festival. If you’re offering a special or a late-night event, pitch it to local publications! An article in a local publication will serve as a guide for Grandoozy visitors.

How is your business planning to leverage Grandoozy?


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