PR Pro

Hidden Talent: Making the perfect salad (everything is bite sized and each ingredient shines!)

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  Anything that has to do with S’mores – I live for S’mores.

You’re stuck on a desert island. What 3 albums do you want to keep you company? 

Mason Jennings – In The Ever

The Beach Boys – Sounds of Summer

Hanson – Snowed In (Yes, that Hanson. Yes, it’s a Christmas Album!)

Pets: Bogart, a Westie mix rescue pup.

What do you enjoy most about your gig: I love the strategic side of PR; getting into the mind of your client’s target audience and thinking through all the touch points of communication that will ultimately help you create a smart plan. And of course – getting great results! There’s no better feeling than seeing your hard work come to life through a great media hit.

The name of your Lifetime TV movie: Shaken, not Stirred: The Story of Fancy Nancy